All prices included 19% Handling & Fuel charges + 6% SST



Perishable items should be adequately packed with sufficient preservation materials e.g cooling packs, dry ice and proper labeling.


Track and Trace

Please refer to our website www.babyxpress.my , click ‘Tracking’ and enter the Consignment Note Number or You may go to tracking.my and search for Baby Xpress Tracking’ and enter the Consignment Note Number.


Unexpected Delivery Situation

BABY XPRESS will not be held responsible for any lost, damage, failure or late delivery because of an unforeseen circumstance outside of our control, such as a strike, natural disaster or bad weather condition.



We have the rights to claim the delivery charge after second attempt provided the absent notice and photo of the said location are given as proof of delivery.


Rejected item

We have the rights to claim the delivery charge for any rejected parcels by the receiver for any reasons that may arise.


Lost and Damaged claim

Any claims must be made in writing and with proof of order within 24Hours after receiving it from delivery date.If the receiver launch a report after 24Hours time from the delivery date,all consequences will not be bear by Baby Xpress.Please email the report to finance@babyxpress.my or call our hotline at 088 338811. Inspection is mandatory, therefore do not dispose or tamper the packaging/goods as this may void the claims



The liability of Baby Xpress shall be limited to the payment by way of damage of a sum not exceeding RM200 or its equivalent per consignment of the value of consigned goods or documents whichever is lesser



Customers are to arrange insurance coverage on the documents or goods consignment and Baby Xpress is under no obligation to provide such insurance coverage.


Consignment Note

Please use the Consignment Note given or print the Consignment Note from our website, www.babyxpress.my and attach it on the respective parcel. Please note the rule of one (1) Consignment Note per parcel.


Prohibited Item

Narcotics and psychotropic substancesObscene or immoral articles | materials,Coins, bank notes and other valuables,Credit Cards and ATM Cards,Explosives and Firearms,Compressed Gas,Flammable liquids,Flammable solids,Oxidising,MaterialsToxic & Infectious Substances,Radioactive Materials,Corrosives,Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods,Live animals