Baby Xpress Sdn.Bhd is a Sabahan’s made Ecommerce service provider focusing on the Ecommerce market with a “Impossible Delivery” concept
Baby Xpress Sdn.Bhd focusing in all industry market include B2B,B2C,C2C,C2B transactions and its end customers.With mostly the people who is behind the scene of Baby Xpress Sdn.Bhd itself came with a strong and experienced background of the focused industry with a proven track record,Baby Xpress Sdn.Bhd want to bring new concept and experience of sending and receiving things to their potential customers.
With a new technology development being bring in,Easy API Integration,user friendly process & system and a good area of coverage,Baby Xpress Sdn.Bhd are really sure that they can contribute a lot in the Country’s Economic Growth for this post pandemic season by creating job opportunities for the people and at the same time creating a commercial opportunities as well in order to broaden the business models of logistics and transportation Industry.


Baby Xpress focusing to give best quality of the best,safe ,reliable delivery service and new experience not only for their customers but also to the society


To be the First Sabahan’s Courier Service and Ecommerce provider that can excel in the Ecommerce service provider market not only in Malaysia but Other Countries too